The cash display

Cash is the virtual currency in-game. It is rewarded to players after they have successfully completed one or more of the following tasks/achievements. Its sole purpose is to buy new weapons, attachments, or restock ammo.

When a sum of cash is earned or spent, a message will notify the player about it on the bottom-right side of the screen, and disappear after a few seconds. The current amount of cash a player has is displayed on the screen's bottom right.

All cash sums are displayed with a dollar sign ($) on their left, and with a comma (,) as a decimal separator for thousands. All cash sums are integers as well.

Cash AwardsEdit


Award name Cash earned Awarded for
Cross Kill $100 Awarded to players who kill each other in the same round.
Decisive Kill $300 Awarded for killing the last player on the enemy team.
First kill $300 Awarded for scoring the first kill in a round.
Killed Enemy $500 Killing an enemy by any means.
Kill Streak $100× (# of every 5 kills)  Killing multiple enemies without dying. Awards every 5 kills, and only resets if the achiever dies or leaves the game.
Multi Kill $300× (# of kills) Killing multiple enemies, where the time that passed between each kill is less than 4 seconds. Is awarded individually for each multi-kill:  If a player scores a 3× Multi Kill, that player receives $600+$900 = $1500.
Grenade Kill $900 Awarded for killing an enemy player with an M67. The bonus can be earned multiple times per grenade, in case more than one opponent was killed
Melee Kill $600 Awarded for killing an enemy with the Knife weapon.
Kill Assist $200 Awarded to players who deal damage to another player within the last 3 seconds of the damaged player's life without actually killing them.


Award name Cash earned Awarded for
First blood $300 Awarded for dealing the first point of damage in a match to an opponent.
Headshot $100 Awarded for every bullet that hits an enemy player's head. Maximum of 3 headshots per opponent.


Award name Cash earned Awarded for
Last man standing $300 Awarded for being the last player alive on the team. It is only awarded if the team's size at the start of the round was larger than 1.
Loyalty bonus $1,000 Awarded for playing 5 rounds in a row in the same server. Cash is awarded for each 5 rounds played. Only resets after leaving the game (carries over to new matches in the server).
Losing Team Loyalty $500 Awarded for losing multiple times in a row. It is awarded for each loss in sequence after losing 3 times in a row. Only resets after team win or leaving the game (carries over to new matches in the server).
New Match Bonus $,1000 Awarded for being on a team when a new match starts.
Still Alive $200 Awarded to all players who are still alive at the end of a round.
Team Win $500 Awarded to all players who are on the winning team at the end of a round.


Award name Cash earned Awarded for
Bomb activated $500 Awarded to the player that activates the bomb in Sabotage.
Bomb  deactivated $500 Awarded to the player that deactivates the bomb in Sabotage.

Purchase notificationsEdit

Event name Cash cost ! Awarded for
Purchased Weapon $-[cost] Purchasing a weapon
Purchased Attachment $-[cost] Purchasing an attachment
Restock $-300 Using an Ammunition Crate. Cost is only incurred for the first use (no cost after each restock in a round).