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The MY PROFILE is the second tab to the right on the NPlay Home Page while logged in.


The My Profile page (MY PROFILE tab) displays the player's profile page. There are five tabs within the My Profile page: Stats, Updates, Friends, Info, and Forum Posts.

To the LeftEdit

  • The player's custom avatar (or NPlay default).
  • Edit My Profile link (with a pencil icon): Allows the player to edit their profile.
  • Member Type: Displays the player's member type.
  • Profile Views: Displays how many times the player's profile has been view by other people.
  • Friends: Displays the number of friends the player has.
  • Last Update: Displays the time of the last update the player made.
  • Joined: Displays the date that the player joined.

In the MiddleEdit

In the middle of the My Profile page is the sub-page of the current tab. Clicking on either of the five tabs will not change the page, only what is shown in the middle of the page. The default tab is Stats.

Pages in category "My Profile"

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