This is the front page of every person's clan.

The CLANS tab is the fourth tab to the left on the NPlay Home Page. URL:


A Clan is a party/group lead by one member with several officers (optional). They are created to connect all the members in BeGone and increase game enjoyment. 


At the Top of the page are three tabs:  Browse Clans, My Clans, and Create New Clan.

  • Browse Clans:  Below are the NPlay clans that meet the search criteria. Their clan avatar and name will be shown on the left side along with their clan info.
  • My Clans:  Browse through the clans that the player belongs to. Their clan avatar and name will be shown on the left side along with their clan info.
  • Create New Clan:  Allows the player to create a new clan.

At the bottom of the page is a horizontal listing of the number of pages with corresponding links and a link "Next" to move to the next page in the search. The link "Previous" will appear before the lowest page number when on any page besides the first.

To the Left:Edit

On the Right side there is a search criteria box that allows players to narrow their search to specific clans. The search criteria are:

  • View:
    • ​Everyone's Clans:  View all public clans.
    • Only My Friend's Clans:  View only friend's clans.
  • List By:
    • Recently Created:  Lists the clans that are recently created first.
    • Most Popular:  Lists the clans that have the most members first.

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