NPlay General Settings

General Settings page in Settings tab.

The General Settings tab is the first tab in the My Settings. This tab is located to the right of the Privacy tab.


Email Address:  Clicking on this criteria box will allow the player to change their email address associated with the NPlay account.

Facebook Integration:  "Linking your facebook account will let you login with Facebook and publish content to your Facebook wall".

Timezone:  Clicking on this criteria box will allow the player to select a timezone (preferably the timezone that the player is located in) from a descending list of the available timezones.

Locale:  Clicking on this criteria box will allow the player to change other player's and game updates date stamps to match their selected timezone from a descending list of countries (also sections of countries).

Note:  This will not change other player's settings or game update times. It will only convert dates, times, and other settings to match the player's selected timezone.

At the bottom of the page is a button "SAVE CHANGES". Clicking on this button will save any changes to the four settings mentioned above that the player has made.

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