Health icon.

Health (commonly known as HP or hit points) is a numerical measurement for calculating the amount of life a player has left. If a player has 0 health, the player dies. Health is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen, to the right of a heart with a plus sign by it. All players start with 100 health and is the maximum amount of hit points a player can have. Health is reduced if a player takes damage and the player dies when it reaches 0 hp.

Altering the amountEdit

Losing healthEdit

There are 4 ways to lose hit points.

  • Bullets (Primary and Secondary weapons)
  • Grenades
  • Knife (Melee)
  • Inflicting self-damage by jumping off of high altitudes to low altitudes (suicide). By jumping once more in midair, a player can decrease the amount of taken damage, or nullify it completely if done at the right moment. This is explained in the technique Free Fall.

Low health effectsEdit

M67 Throwning

Health equal or below 25hp.

  • When the player reaches 25 hit points the screen turns Black and white. The small health-bar on the scorebar will also turn red if a player is under 25 hp.
  • At 24 hit points the player's heart starts beating more rapidly and continues to increase in frequency and noise the closer a player's hitpoints are to 0. This heartbeat can be heard by other players nearby and is louder at lower health levels.


  • A player can be killed by a single shot (M110 with Explosive Ammo).
  • The Knife always inflicts 33 damage.
  • The most self-damage a player can inflict from jumping is 9. This can be done from jumping off of a crate on the rooftops to the ground in Timbertown.