Fishywtf - Febuary 18, 2012Edit


  1. Architecture Discussion
    • Okay so a while back I've been searching on the Internet about the build structure of 32 and 64 bit Windows O.Ss and I've learned that 32 bit only goes up to 2.5 Gbs of ram. While 64 bit is able to utilize 4+ Gbs of ram. Meaning 64 can handle more of gaming, additionally 64 bit also allows better processors, a higher-memory graphics card, sound card, etc. That is why gamers never use 32 bit for gaming.
  2. Browsers Discussion
    • Internet Explore 32 bit, Google Chrome, Firefox, they are all 32 bit based, why? 32 bit was used before 64 bit and is used most. Internet Explore 64 bit is on a different scale it utilizes the 64 bit architecture, but the downside to this for me is that it was so slow trying to handle other tasks like to display the nplay site properly and speed. Our Begone community uses mainly Google chrome, Firefox, and I.E., but these broswers are 32 bit based now so good for gaming; thus giving little performance; thus letting me find a better broswer called, "Nightly" and "Waterfox". Nightly and Waterfox is a 64 bit browser making it better than the ones listed before, they utilize the 64 bit based structure, making them the "Gaming browser for 64 bit O.Ss"!
  3. Roadblock Fix Discussion
    • Unity web player doesn't work when being used with Nightly, Waterfox and/or I.E. 9 64 bit, why? Because the Unity web player you download is 32 bit, we need 64 bit and they just developed the 64 bit version but only for Windows though.

Browser(s) 32 bitEdit

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Opera
  4. Firefox

Browser(s) 64 bitEdit

  1. Waterfox
  2. Nightly
  3. Internet Explorer 64 bit


Waterfox 64-Bit Browser or Nightly Build 64-Bit Browser (Needed, one or the other, but both are the same; built off one another (Interchangable))

Unity Web Player 64-Bit (Needed)

Adobe Flash 64-Bit (Optional if Flash Player doesn't work)


Can be done in any order

Notes for "Installation(s)"Edit

Notes: Try if your machine is 64 bit. No harm in trying

Notes: Must install Unity Web Player 64-Bit above no matter what even if you have Unity already

Notes: Unity does automatic updates so you'll get the latest version always

My Computer HardwareEdit

Laptop Specs

  • I3 2.2 Ghz
  • 4 Gb ram
  • Intel HD 3000 Graphics Card
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit


Notes for "Picture(s)"Edit

Notes: Everything is ran on highest settings except no true image effect and deferred lighting