The Iron sight is the default optic for all firearms.

  • M110 Iron Sight in the Store.
  • M4A1 Iron Sight in the Store.

General InformationEdit

The iron sights on all weapons are slightly intrusive leaving only some peripheral vision.


Stats of Iron Sights from 03-03-2013
All Firearms Value
Cost Free
Accuracy zoomed +1.0

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • There is an attach/detach option for the iron sight only for the M4A1 and the M110.
  • The Iron Sight is the only optic attachment that does not cost money or reduce movement speed.
  • There are seven (7) different Iron Sight designs, although the MP5 and M249 SAW iron sights share similar designs.

Iron Sight Scopes zoomedEdit

  • M110 Iron Sight.
  • M110 Iron Sight detached.
  • M4A1 Iron Sight.
  • M4A1 Iron Sight detached.
  • MP5 Iron Sight
  • M4A1 Iron Sight
  • M110 Iron Sight
  • M1014 Iron Sight
  • M249 SAW Iron Sight
  • M9A1 Iron Sight
  • MP7 Iron Sight

First Person at the both Militia and SWAT Warehouse Bases (zoomed in).

ModsHigh Explosive Extended Clip Recoil Pad
AmmoExplosive Ammo Incendiary Ammo
TacticalAmmo Counter Laser Sight Flashlight Suppressor
OpticsIron Sight Reflex Sight Holographic Sight Zoom x6 Scope ACOG Scope Zoom x4 Scope

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