Laser Sight

Laser Sight attached to the MP5.

The Laser Sight is a tactical attachment available to all firearms. 

General InformationEdit

The laser sight is a helpful attachment for any weapon that increases hip-fire Accuracy (not Zoomed Accuracy). The laser sight has no negative stats and has a cost of $800.

The sight also creates a small red dot wherever you aim, but is not very noticable.  It is not recommended to use this attachment when close to the side of a corner aiming outside, for your laser sight creates a red line visible from the muzzle of the gun, that extends a fair distance.


Parameter Value
Cost $800
Accuracy +1.5

Noticeable FeaturesEdit

  • The Laser Sight, like all Tactical attachments, is seen by the player.
  • The laser is visible to both teammates and opponents, meaning it can alert opponents and give away your position if you are hiding or turning corners.
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