NPlay Log In

The NPlay Log In page.

The LOG IN tab is the first tab to the right on the NPlay Home Page.


There is a message prompting the person to log into their account or sign up (link to Sign Up page).

Below the message are the Log In criteria:  

  1. Email Address:  Enter the Email Address that is used for your NPlay account.
  2. Password:  Enter the Password that is used for your NPlay account.
  • LOG IN:  After filling in the Log In criteria, click on this button to log into your NPlay account.
  • Remember Me:  Clicking on the box before the words will keep the player logged into their account if they close their browser, log off their computer, or turn off their computer (If the player does not return to the NPlay website  in a few days, they will be logged out).

Under the Log In criteria is a link:  Forgot Password?

Lost PasswordEdit

Clicking on this link will bring the person to the Lost Password page. There is one criteria box, one button, and one link.

  • Email Address:  Enter the Email Address that is used for your NPlay account.
  • Send Email:  After filling in the Lost Password criteria, an email will be sent to the email address pertaining the Lost Password.
  • Cancel:  Clicking on this link will cancel the attempt to recover the Lost Password and return the person to the NPlay Home Page.

Note:  Move to another page (whether NPlay or any website) will also cancel the Lost Password attempt. The only way to recover the Lost Password is to click on the Send Email button after filling in the Email Address.

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