The knife in the hand of a SWAT.

The Knife is currently the only melee weapon in the game. The Knife deals 33 damage for every successful hit, resulting in a 4 hit kill. It is free and can be activated with the default button '1' or Alpha 1 in the control settings.

General InformationEdit

The Knife should be used as a last resort, when players are out of ammo with both weapons. The other function is to gain a speed advantage over others, using this while running can boost your speed significantly and the extra speed can save your life from particulary dangerous situations, such as encountering a large group of enemies, or running away from an incoming grenade.

Using the KnifeEdit

The Knife is equipped by pressing the number 1 key (or the key set for Melee in the Controls menu). After equipped, press the left hand mouse button to use the Knife.

The Knife used to have an uppercut. The uppercut was activated by holding the secondary fire button (default RMB) and then releasing the button. However, the second knifing animation does the same amount of damage as the primary knife swing, and the only functional effect it induces is a reduction in the player's moving speed while the secondary fire button is held down.


Stats of Knife from 08-03-2012
Parameter Value
Damage 33
Fire Rate 2
Max damage per second 66
Movement speed 110%

Tips & TricksEdit

Playing withEdit

  • Take out the knife at the beginning of the round to run faster and get an advantage.
  • Snipers moving from cover to cover should use the knife to reduce the likelihood of being shot or spotted..
  • Use its extra speed to escape dangerous situations
  • Advanced players can use the knife in tight spaces (e.g. warehouse) to suprise opponents

Playing againstEdit

  • It's not hard to play against players with the knife, just keep distance; you can also run backwards so you may keep an eye on your aggressor and quickly run past them, confusing them for a brief moment.
  • When a opponent with a knife attacks you, run right around him and run until you have enough distance. The opponent will try to attack you but the player won't get you while walking backwards.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The Knife gives the player the best Movement Speed %.