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An example of a scoreboard.

The Scoreboard keeps track of the teams' scores in a game and each individual player's kills and deaths in a match. A player can access the scoreboard by pressing "Tab".


The scoreboard is more in-depth version of the Scorebar. It also has 3 other ribbons:  OptionsControls, and Graphics .

  • The scoreboard is sorted vertically in descending order by the total number of kills by each player in the match. If there is a tie then it will be sorted by most kills and then by least deaths.
  • In addition, each player's box will contain their ping value and the clan they belong to (if in a clan), as well as their avatar (or default avatar) on the left-hand side.
  • Players who have Names in white text are logged into their NPlay accounts.
  • The scoreboard is the default ribbon for pressing the "Tab" button.


Main Article:  Options

The Options ribbon is a menu that displays available options that can be customized.


Main Article:  Controls

The Controls ribbon is a menu that displays available controls that can be customized.



Scoreboard when first joining a team.

Main Article:  Graphics 

The Graphics ribbon is a menu that displays available graphics that can be customized.

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