Recoil plays a HUGE factor while gunning down an opponent. If you want those quick easy kills like us pros, then you have no choice but to use scroll shot.

If you haven't noticed already, a headshot isn't an instant kill. Unfortunately, due to recoil, getting a head shot is difficult. Well, not if you use the scroll shot technique.

In order to perform this you have to be;

  • aimed in using iron sight or optic (clicking right button on mouse)

Aim at the opponents head/neck area.

In order to keep the recoil from going up, gradually move your mouse backwards (pull the mouse towards you) as you shoot.

The recoil will stay leveled allowing you to make precision shots.

It's as simple as that!

You will start to notice your headshots will be more consistent and with practice you can start popping in and out of your iron sight (by clicking the right button on the mouse) to get those easy head shots like a pro.