An example of the servers.

Servers are used to run instances of BeGone on. Servers are divided by tabs, and all servers in one tab run the same map. For each individual server, the name, size, map, game mode and ping limit are adjustable by the developers. Servers are currently hosted in Atlanta (USA), Chicago (USA), Seattle (USA) and Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe)


Server Type Max Players
Duel Server 2
Team Duel Server 4
Mini Server 8
Medium Server 12
Large Server 16
Mega Server 24

The size of a server can be seen by the prefix of the server name ("Duel Server 2"), and by the amount of player slots.


With the filter you can hide some of the servers. There are 4 ways to use the filter.

  • Hide empty servers

By pressing "Hide empty servers", servers without any players will not appear.

  • Hide full servers

By pressing "Hide full servers", servers that have reached the maximum capacity for players will not appear.

  • Game modes

There are 3 options when using the game mode filter. "All game modes" will show both Sabotage and Elimination. "Eliminate" and "Sabotage" will only show the selected game mode.

  • Ping limits

Ping limits have 5 options:  "All ping limits" will show all servers and "no ping limit", "300", "200" and "150" will show only the said limit.

Clan ServersEdit

This feature was implemented on July 31, 2013. It includes 4 extra servers for each map, which only registered members can access. The server is named after the clan which has the most kills. By default they are called "Clan Server" + a 2-digit zero-padded number from 1 to 4.
This feature was announced by Dmage, and it is planned to allow the clan members to moderate servers on their own in a future update.
Clan servers appear blue in the server list of each map and are found at the top by default.

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