Sprint Crawling is the act of constantly switching between crouching and sprinting.

General informationEdit

Type: Defensive
Level: Basic


When: Whilst sprinting.
What: Constantly changing between sprinting and crouching as you move across a room.
Why: If you repeatedly tap the sprint button while toggling crouch, the position of your head, as well as the speed of your movement both become very erratic and unpredictable. This makes it hard for snipers to get a headshot on you.
How: Have crouch set to toggle. While crouching, constantly tap the "sprint" button. This will allow you to move reasonably fast, and will also allow your head to be in constant motion, making it virtually impossible to be headshoted by enemy snipers.
How to practice: Try it in really any server. One way to think of this is basically T-bagging really fast while moving, without a dead corpse below you.


  • Since sprinting costs 5 Stamina each time you start this, you will need to balance the speed at which you move and the amount of times you intend to move up and down.
  • Since sprinting itself doesn't allow crouching, you don't have to keep toggling Crouch.
  • Beware of Lag, as lag might cause the enemy sniper to see you moving without crouching.