Staircase -1

Staircase in Warehouse.

The Staircase is a map object used to access elevated platforms.


To use a staircase, simply press the Forward, Backward, Left, Right, or Jump Keys (default "W", "S", "A", "D", "Spacebar" respectively). The Forward and Backward Keys are used more while using a staircase than the Left, Right, and Jump Keys.


  • Staircase #1 in Warehouse
  • Staircase #2 in Tower
  • Staircase #3 in Tower
  • Staircase #4 in Tower
  • Staircase #5 in Timbertown
  • Staircase #6 in Timbertown
  • Staircase #7 in Crane
  • Staircase #8 in Crane
  • Staircase #9 in Pipeline

At least one staircase is present in all maps except Courtyard.

There are currently 9 staircase models:

  1. Staircase #1:  Ironwork steps with yellow rails.
  2. Staircase #2:  Diamond plate steps with metallic gray rails.
  3. Staircase #3:  Diamond plate steps with yellow rails.
  4. Staircase #4:  Diamond plate steps with metallic dark gray rails.
  5. Staircase #5:  Rusty thin iron slit steps with rusty white rails.
  6. Staircase #6:  Iron slit steps with iron platform barriers.
  7. Staircase #7:  Rusty Diamond plate steps with rusty metallic doubled rails.
  8. Staircase #8:  Iron steps with yellow rails.
  9. Staircase #9:  Thin ironwork steps with rusty rails.
  • Warehouse:  A total of 2 Staircase #1.
  • Courtyard:  There are no staircases in Courtyard.
  • Tower:  1 Staircase #1, 1 Staircase #2, 1 Staircase #3, and 1 Staircase #4. A total of 4 staircases.
  • Timbertown:  3 Staircase #5 and 2 Staircase #6. A total of 5 staircases
  • Crane:  2 Staircase #7 and 1 Staircase #8. A total of 3 staircases.
  • Pipeline:  1 Staircase #1, 2 Staircase #3, 1 Staircase #4, 1 Staircase #8, and 4 Staircase #9. A total of 9 staircases.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • All staircases in Warehouse and Crane can be shot through the steps.
  • All staircases in Tower cannot be shot through the steps except for Staircase #4, outside of the Militia Base.
  • In Timbertown, Staircase #6 can be shot through the steps but cannot be shot the platform barriers. Staircase #6 is found on the outsides of the SWAT and Militia buildings.
  • All staircases in Pipeline can be shot though the steps except Staircase #8, inside the SWAT Base.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Know what staircase can be shot through the steps in each map. It is sometimes easier to kill enemies through the steps of the staircase (mostly Staircase #6 in Timbertown).
  • Know what staircase can't be shot through the steps (or platform barriers) in each map. Having cover from bullets is very useful (mostly Staircase #2 in Tower and Staircase #6 in Timbertown).


  • Every map except Courtyard has at least one staircase.
  • Almost every map that has staircases has a unique staircase:  Staircase #2 is exclusive to Tower, Staircase #5 and Staircase #6 are exclusive to Timbertown, Staircase #7 is exclusive to Crane, and Staircase #9 is exclusive to Pipeline.

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