General informationEdit

Original Author: FishyWTF
Type: Mobility
Level: Basic


When: When on a high ledge/platform/tree trying to get to another less high/medium ledge/platform/tree
What: Jumping to the next ledge/platform/tree
Why: The element of surprise and mobility plays a big role in all games that involves death matches, last man standing, etc. This will help you secure (a) kill(s) easier and more assassin like.

  1. Get on a high platform
  2. Look in the direction you wanna get to
  3. Hold down the sprint key + W, run til you reach half way of your destination
  4. At the halfway point (while still in the air (air walking)) let go of the sprint but hold down the W key and quickly press and hold your jump key
  5. Now that you've jumped forward in the air and are STILL IN THE AIR, keep that W key held down, let go of the jump key, and quickly hold down the sprint key until you've reached your desired destination.
  6. Re-cap, Run + (hold W), (hold W) + jump, (hold W) + run

Bonus: Once you get better you can hop to multiple ledges/platforms/trees for better hiding spots/map mobility so you can camp/tie/surprise kill(s)
How to practice:

  1. Go to Crane
  2. Climb the tower (silo)
  3. Look at militia ammo house roof
  4. Get on the ledge
  5. Run + (hold W), (hold W) + jump, (hold W) + run
  6. Land on roof