Notice the wrench/spanner symbol near the cost?

Hi, I've seen a BeGone video on Facebook (even though I don't have a Facebook account). I got the link in the BeGone forum. That video shows about the new attachments in BeGone weapons. You can see the video at the BeGone facebook page. I will show some screenshots.

The "Ammo" of the M1014. There are two kinds, the "Explosive" and the "Incenitiary" ammo.

They have 4 options in them.

They are-

  • Optics - Can change the optics.
  • Tactical - Can add Silencer, Ammo Counter, Flashlight and Iron Sight.
  • Mods - Currently Unknown
  • Ammo - Type of Ammuntion


The Options menu of the M4A1. You can add scopes, silencers and sights.


The "Tactical" attachments of the M4A1

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