Techniques and Tactics make up quite a substantial part of the wiki, and I'm totally okay with that. It's a valuable aspect of this wiki - things to learn for players that wish to get better.


I'm having a problem with the template for them, however.
We're currently listing the names of the original authors, even although things like Sprint Reloading, Sprint Nading, Ambushing, Meatshields, Free Falls and Hiding are commonly known. The original authors aren't even the people who thought up the idea in the first place - they wrote it down, but the idea existed longer than that. Some of the techniques on this list have been found out by me and others without talking to each other about it beforehand.

Something like an original author would be listed if these things were special moves - and that's what they are - but they have become common. We're no longer talking about special moves - we're talking about bread and butter combo's here. Standard moves that every player should learn in order to master the game.


Hiding is currently a page about hiding spots. Shouldn't this be added to each of the map pages, and then have Hiding itself added as a tactic instead?


The things I'm proposing:

  • Get rid of references to players. Currently, the name implies ownership.
  • Transform hiding to a listing per map, and convert it to a tactic.

Oh, and...

There's something else bothering me - Superman Leap - How "true" is this? I find the name itself strange as well, how about "Long Jump", or something like that?


All tactics and techniques need to be tested, somehow. The Bunny Hop could be called questionable because if you, or your opponent lags, they don't see the movement. However, in a low ping situation, it works, so it's good. Basically, offensive tricks should work against nooblets. Defensive tricks should work against most people, as long as they don't take special action (Camping is defensive, and if the enemy engages you as normal, they die). But tricks that are about Mobility, such as Free Fall and Superman Leap should work like 75% of the time or more. I can't make the superman leap work - is that article even true?

Naming convention

Superman Leap is a weak reference to what it actually does. I'd have this changed to "Long Jump", because that describes the trick better.
Free Fall is also a weak reference - it's a pun. Renaming it to "Cushioned Fall" might be better, but awfully verbose.
Names of tricks should accurately describe the actions they perform.

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