So I noticed that in a good deal of the articles, people have a tendency to add in a lot of "you's", even when a reference to the player is not necessary. The real issue though is how the term "you" contradicts the tone of a wiki article. This wiki is meant to inform readers about Begone in a formal manner, but adding in "you" and such are more informal by nature. "The player" is a more neutral and formal term that can replace a majority of the "you's on this wiki. This can slide when it comes to explaining tips and tricks, where "you" is a little bit more acceptable, but I will replace any "you's" I come across outside of this section with a more appropriately formal and neutral term. "You" wouldn't be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that its prevalence is quite staggering on the Begone Wiki, so I would appreciate it if YOU all could make the small effort to change this habit.

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