Begone Box warehouse 4

On top of the SWAT bridge boxes

The Warehouse Bridge Box technique is a technique to get on top of the four boxes on top of the bridge in the Warehouse.

General informationEdit

Type: Offensive
Level: Basic


When: Whilst in the Warehouse

What: Getting on top of the four boxes on top of the bridge in the warehouse

Why: From the tops of these four boxes, you have the best view of any place in the warehouse. This good for finding the last few enemies during a match, without having to run around for 20-30 seconds searching for the last enemy man.

How: While in Warehouse, get into this position:

Begone Box warehouse 1

Get into this position, facing the yellow railings on the steps.

Whilst running, jump, and land on top of the railing on the stairs. You should look like this:

Begone Box warehouse 2

On top of the railing.

Now, without falling off, jump to the next railing, then run to the boxes, again without falling off. You should look something like this:

Begone Box warehouse 4

You should look like this when finished.

You are now in the very best sniping spot in Warehouse.


While this point has the most complete view in all of Warehouse, it is also the most exposed. Use it to find an enemy, and then jump off and kill him/her.