Zoom x4 Scope
Zoom x4 Scope
Zoom x4 Scope zoomed in.



Zoom Power


Accuracy Zoomed


Movement Speed


The Zoom x4 Scope is an optical attachment only available for the M9A1

General InformationEdit

The Zoom x4 Scope is more effective at long to medium ranges, and is hard to control at short range.


M9A1 Value
Cost $600
Zoom Power +10.0
Accuracy Zoomed +3.0
Movement Speed -1.0

Tips & TricksEdit

The M9A1 can become a surprisingly effective sniper pistol (although not as effective as the M110) with the Zoom x4 Scope and the accompanying attachments (although not necessary):  SuppressorRecoil PadExplosive Ammo or Incendiary Ammo. The Extended Clip mod is also useful.

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • The Zoom x4 Scope is only available for the M9A1.
  • The Zoom x4 Scope is the least expensive optic after the Iron Sight, which is free.
  • The Zoom x4 Scope has the Best Accuracy Zoomed of all optics.

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